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Lacy portrait in progress 7 - Lacy in the sky

Now I’m starting on Lacy’s head in the beautiful sky.

This shows part of the whole portrait, which is a double portrait with Lacy standing in a river, plus her head superimposed on the scene….as though her spirit now lives in the sky and the water and the clouds.

Closeup of Doberman head in a colored pencil double-portrait of a red Doberman, in progress

This will be interesting.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a transparent head in a scene before.

This is how the whole portrait looks now....

Colored pencil double portrait of a red Doberman in a river scene, in progress

The clouds, mountains, and island were done with Prismacolor pencil over a watercolor underpainting. You see the underpainting on the lower half of the artwork that doesn’t yet have colored pencil detail added. I’m working on “Pearl” Canson paper, a pale warm grey paper. That’s the paper color showing through where Lacy’s figure is, standing in the water.


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