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Lacy portrait in progress 12 - A figure in four stages

Continuing to work on the second Lacy. My Blog has been down with technical glitches for a while, sorry about the delay!

These pics show the second depiction of Lacy in this double portrait coming together in four stages.

(Click the arrow on the right to see the progression)

Lacy in the water is starting to pop!

When I put in the colors of the water with watercolors I left the paper color showing through in the figure of Lacy. Now I'm doing the figure with colored pencil on the pale grey paper. These are the pencil colors I’m using:

The standing figure in a double portrait of a Doberman, in progress in Kevin's studio with colored pencils

This is how the whole artwork looks now with the second Lacy finished. I love it when the details of a figure bring it to life and make it pop out of the background like this.

Colored pencil double portrait of a red Doberman in a river scene, in progress

I’ll continue doing the water surface with the concentric rings of ripples around Lacy, with colored pencil detail over the watercolor underpainting, all the way to the shoreline near the bottom. And the reflection of Lacy's figure in the water. There will be a little surprise (requested by Betty) hidden in her reflection.

I emailed this pic to Betty and she replied:

“WOW! It looks awesome!! ❤️❤️ I knew I'd be happy with it but I like it even more than I thought I would!”


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