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Carly portrait finished!

When I sent pictures of the finished portrait to Phyllis for her final approval, she wrote:

“Kevin, you did such a fantastic job capturing Carly's soul and spirit that I can't stop looking at Carly's portrait. I look at those eyes and it brings me back to when she was alive and my heart swelled with love. I want you to know how satisfied and pleased I am with how you captured Carly’s true essence and devotion.

Her eyes are just beautiful, I thought I’d never see those eyes again. I am so grateful to you for what you did and how you brought Carly back to life through the portrait. I must have looked at those eyes thousands of times, that’s how we communicated, through our eyes. I can’t thank you enough.”

Fine art portrait of Golden Retriever Service Dog by artist Kevin Roeckl, made with Prismacolor colored pencils on grey Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper

If you missed reading Phyllis’s moving words about what made Carly so important in her life,

read the beautiful "Carly in progress #4" post.

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