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Baxter portrait in progress 8 - Too many spots

I finished Baxter’s white paws today.

In the reference photo I was using I saw what looked like two brown spots on the top of Baxter’s paw. I copied that, thinking those were some of the tan and grey spots that he has on his white paws. But in the other photos of Baxter that Frank and Brian sent, I didn’t see those brown spots. So I sent this pic to them, asking if that was something unusual on Baxter’s paw in that photo. Frank replied “It looks like that may have been dirt or food or some thing”. So I’ll fix that.

Closeup of white paws in portrait of a tan dog, in progress

The blankets are still just the purple underpainting, with a few pencil strokes of dark purple next to Baxter's legs. I was planning to add more pencil strokes to put more detail in the blankets. But I suggested to Brian and Frank that the blankets be left just as they are. The purple underpainting suggests the folds of the blanket but looks very artistic and beautiful because of the way the watercolor spread in the wet-in-wet technique, with soft edges. I don't want to change that by adding a bunch of spidery purple pencil strokes. I think the artwork is finished just as it is.

Do you agree?

Colored pencil and watercolor  portrait of a tan dog on a purple blanket, in progress

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