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Baxter portrait in progress 7 - Colored pencils prevent illness

Working on Baxter’s white paws.

The white paper covering the artwork is to protect the artwork while I’m working. Prismacolor pencil is wax-based, it’s not chalky like pastels. So it doesn’t really mess up the image if you rub your finger across it. But over a period of days rubbing the side of my hand across it hundreds of times while I’m working, would smear the pigment little by little. And could leave a bit of skin oils too. That Canson paper picks up skin oil like a blotter, even when you think your hands are clean. For that reason I wash my hands with soap a jillion times a day. I think that’s a reason I almost never get sick. Thanks to colored pencils.

Colored pencil portrait of tan dog, in progress with Prismacolor pencils


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