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Reeve portrait in progress 7 - Finished or not?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Reeve portrait....finished?

I always send the client a large, high-resolution jpg of the finished portrait so they can zoom in and check details, for final approval before I mount and varnish. Sometimes the client requests small adjustments like lighten up a little under the chin, or some small detail that bothers them.

This time it was something major. David had been saying that Reeve’s forehead looked “too blonde”, when I sent in-progress pics. When he saw this finished pic, he and Sheila both said the same. They showed it to a close family friend who spends a lot of time with Reeve. He said,

“I know this dog really well.

This is too ORANGE."

Colored pencil head-study portrait of a red Border Collie, finished

They were thrilled with how perfectly I captured Reeve’s expression and facial features. But David was heartbroken that I didn’t capture Reeve’s beautiful deep red. It wasn’t “her”. I reassured him, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.” I guarantee 100% satisfaction.

So it’s back to the studio to adjust Reeve’s color. Darker and redder.

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