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Popeye portrait in progress 6 - I begged my parents for a horse

I think one more day’s work will finish this portrait.

I have loved horses all my life. All through my childhood I begged my parents for a horse, drawing pictures of horses constantly on the back of my schoolwork, and writing little picture-stories (you know that’s something I’m good at) about a kid who got a horse for Christmas, things like that. My parents are NOT animal people and I look back on that now and see what a hopeless dream that was. 😄 

Colored pencil head study portrait of Standardbred horse, in progress

I know a lot about horses, their tack, riding techniques, because I studied everything about horses I could get my hands on for years. As an adult I never was in a position to own a horse. But when I got my first Doberman at age 28 (Jake) I said I finally got my horse. Because their square, balanced structure and short back is so similar to a horse. Jake especially, had the movement of a proud Arabian horse, more than any other Doberman I’ve ever seen. He was not a bouncy Dobe, he was very collected - both powerful and graceful. I believe my deep longing for a beautiful, intelligent black horse all through my childhood and teen years manifested Jake into my life. Jake's Story

Portrait of “Popeye”, a Standardbred horse, for Annie W.

Prismacolor pencil on “Steel blue” Canson paper


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