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Popeye portrait in progress 4 - The eye

Updated: Feb 23

The eye is always so important in a portrait. And Popeye has such a sweet, intelligent eye.

Colored pencil head study portrait of Standardbred horse, in progress

A close-up of the eye so you can see how it was made. The lights and darks on the eyeball are what make an eye look shiny and alive. The shape of the eye and the shapes (light and shadow) of the surrounding eyelids and eye socket are what give it the expression that make it look like that individual.

Close-up detail of the eye in a colored pencil portrait of a horse

This is how Popeye's portrait looks now, with everything above his halter finished.

Detail of colored pencil portrait of Standardbred horse, in progress

Portrait of “Popeye” for Annie W. in progress.

Prismacolor pencil on “Steel blue” Canson paper


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