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Popeye portrait in progress 1 - A horse with a special story

Annie W. contacted me for a portrait of her 3 Dobermans but instead we’re starting on a portrait of her horse Popeye. I have loved horses all my life but I rarely get a chance to portray them, as I’m well known for dog portraits. So I’m excited!

Popeye is a horse who has a very special story. Every message Annie sends me is dripping with love for this horse. Here is what she told me about Popeye:

“This boy is very special! He was born with his left eye blind, you would never know it. He is an amazing race horse with a heart that won’t quit. Yet when he is with me or hears my voice is as gentle as a kitten. He has an amazing sire and dam and would have gone for a lot of money at the sire stake sales but because of his eye they wouldn’t take him, so he went to a lease sale and my brother and I were able to get him! He owns my heart and by the way has beat some of those sire stake horses. Thank you, I adore him, I will send you a photo my dgt in law took this past weekend  thanks I can’t wait.”

Client's photos of herself with her Standardbred horse

Popeye is a Standardbred harness racer. The Standardbred is an American horse breed known for its ability in harness racing.

I have created a few horse portraits. You can see them in my HORSES Gallery.


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