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Jet portrait finished!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The client, Cathy, chose a reference photo that is personally very meaningful to her. Before I show you the finished portrait of Jet, I want to show you a few of the photos Cathy sent me…many beautiful photos taken through Jet’s lifetime by Cathy and friend Allison, a talented photographer.

I asked Cathy to tell me about Jet before I worked on his portrait. She wrote a sweet story of Jet’s life. I’m sharing that with you to show you who Jet was before you see his portrait:


Conant’s Falcon Flyer CD

My boy Jet, a very sweet soul.

A boy that was always happy to hang out with people.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

He loved toys and a ball was all he needed to invent a rolling game of some sort. Like letting it roll from the top of the stairs then retrieving it only to go back up the stairs for another roll.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

The top of the stairs was Jet’s favorite place to watch time go by as he waited for me to come home from work. Those are beautiful memories I hold to my heart.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Jet was the son of Robin, one of three puppies she had, two girls and one boy.

(puppies with Kevin’s portrait of Robin, 2016)

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Jet and his sister, Storm were very close throughout their life. Never an argument between each other.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Jet and Storm would play and tug, and many times Jet would defer and give Storm the “win" of the toy. He was a very polite boy.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

As litter mates they were very connected and comfortable sweet souls together. They complimented each other.

The two of them were the easiest dogs to care for and keeping them both from Robin’s litter was the best decision I ever made.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Both Jet and Storm had the best Auntie in the whole world who loved to visit them and care for them and she took many, many photos.

I wanted Allison to be a part of their lives. Allison had a strong bond with Jet and Storm that made us all happy to be a part of. The photo that I have chosen for this portrait was taken by Allison, "Jet’s favorite place”. (The top of the porch stairs, photo not shown.)

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Jet was a bit shy when he was young but with littermate Storm’s help they pulled through that fear period as they grew. Allison did many walks with them both while I would train Robin so that she and I could get that UD title we were chasing and we did it. I had hopes of Jet being my next dog to compete in AKC obedience but I soon realized he did not seem happy doing what I was asking of him. I was able to help him reach the first level of AKC obedience - the Companion Dog title and we both were happy with that. Then I stopped and let him be a wonderful companion.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

My loyal companion at his best.

One of Jet's most favorite games was the “bathtub" game he created.

When I would take a shower and he would hear the water start then he would run to find a ball and drop it in the bathtub. My job was to lightly kick the ball in a manner so that it would roll just high enough at the end of the tub for him to catch it. After the catch he would drop it back for another roll and catch. We had a lot of fun with that game and we sure miss that game with him.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Jet was my snuggle boy. I allowed him to sleep in bed and he would always choose to lie at the top of my head with many pillows. Storm and Robin had their own favorite places and we were one happy family.

We are so blessed to have had all the moments of his wonderful life.

Thank you to Kevin to bring forward all those memories that will be shared in those eyes of my beloved Jet.

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

From Kevin:

Cathy wrote about “those eyes of my beloved Jet” because of the reference photo we settled on for the portrait....

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

There were many photos of Jet on the porch with his chin resting at the top of the steps. That was where Cathy saw him every day when she came home from work. Out of all the beautiful photos of handsome Jet, she kept coming back to a particular one.

Cathy wrote:

“I feel like I could just stare at this photo forever as he looks right at me.

The portrait will definitely give me the notion he is waiting for me. (A tear to my eye just thinking of that).”

The portrait of Jet:

Reference photo of Border Collie, Jet.

Based on a photo by Allison Yap.

Colored pencil on grey Canson paper, 16 x 20 inches.

After seeing the finished portrait, Cathy wrote:

“I am very happy!!! Over the Ocean all the way to Hawai'i Happy!

This portrait is so beautiful and a handsome boy he is! He will be viewing us with those beautiful eyes everyday and his fur is so fluffy and soft I can imagine putting my hands on him.

Thank you!

I am so happy and honored to own another Kevin Roeckl portrait.

I love them all..Alina, Robin, Storm and now Jet.”


"Jet" is the third Border Collie portrait I've done for Cathy. You can see my portrait of Jet's beautiful sister Storm HERE.


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