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Carly portrait in progress 6

I continued filling in the rest of Carly's face, then moved on to her tongue....

Her pink tongue involves a different set of pencil colors than I've been using for her golden coat and her brown eyes.

These are all the pencil colors I pulled out to use for her tongue.

I've made swatches on a scrap of the same Canson paper the portrait is on, to guide me on which color to grab as I'm looking at the reference photo of Carly.

Her tongue is a blend of those colors, lightly layered on top of eachother, and then laid on more and more thickly as I approached the shade I wanted, pressing harder to blend the colors. Since colored pencils don't involve "mixing" a color like you would with paint, layering them and then pressing solidly on the wax pencils to "smear" the colors together - once you've got the right combination of colors built up - is the way to blend them.

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