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Briscoe portrait in progress 6 - The surprising colors of a tongue

With the mouth and chin finished, Briscoe’s smiling face has really come to life.

Colored pencil head study portrait of a Border Collie on grey paper, in progress

There were some tricky colors in the tongue. You might think it's just a “pink” tongue. Think again. Here are the colors actually in it. I try to find pencil colors close to those, or I layer multiple pencil colors (for example dark purple, chocolate brown, and raspberry for the shadowed part) to create these colors. 

Closeup of colored pencil drawing of dog's tongue, with swatches showing the colors that were used

Here are the same swatches on white. These are the “pink tongue” colors. 

color swatches

Briscoe portrait in progress

Prismacolor pencil on grey Canson paper

18 x 23 inches

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