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A trusty old friend

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Many years ago, when I when I was a young gallery artist (early 20’s) I made this holder for my colored pencils - divided by color and leaning back at an angle - out of corrugated cardboard. The dividers are spaced different widths apart to hold the number of pencils in each color group. There are a lot more yellows than oranges for instance.

It has been through numerous pack-up-and-moves. Has lived inside many different studios. And been lifted and moved around to different spots in my studio probably hundreds (maybe thousands) of times. It has held up beautifully all these years… 40 years. What a trusty old friend.

home-made cardboard pencil holder in Kevin's studio

If you haven't seen the art I create with colored pencils,

check out my Portrait Gallery.

Many people who see my artwork can’t believe it was done with just pencils.

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