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Lacy portrait in progress 9 - The windows to the soul...

Lacy’s head is finished.

Betty described Lacy as happy all the time. Loved people, animals, everything. She was very calm. She was a dog who noticed everything.

As I’m working on a dog’s face I think about their personality, and try to capture that in their eyes. After seeing this in-progress picture Betty commented:

Wow!!!!! That’s so beautiful.  I love how her head turned out. It’s even better than I expected!!!❤️❤️

Closeup of Doberman head in a colored pencil double portrait of a red Doberman, in progress

This is a double-portrait of Lacy standing in a river, which she loved, with a her head study transparent over the scene. Next I’ll start working on the river, making the ripples that reflect the sunset sky.

Double portrait of Lacy, for Betty K.

Prismacolor pencil over watercolor underpainting on pale grey Canson paper.

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