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Lacy portrait in progress 11 - the second Lacy...

I'm working on the “second Lacy”, standing in the river (which she loved) in this double-portrait of Lacy, a red Doberman. You can see the large head study in the upper corner in this close-up.

Closeup of the standing figure in a double portrait of a Doberman, in progress

The colors of the water around this figure were done with watercolor wash over the pale-grey paper. The actual paper color is showing through on the body of this standing figure. It's a Canson Mi-Tientes paper called "Pearl". I’m doing the details of the figure with Prismacolor pencils. I love it when the details of a figure start to bring it to life and make it pop out of the background.

Colored pencil double portrait of a red Doberman in a river scene, in progress

Double portrait of Lacy, in progress, for Betty K.

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