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Types of Portraits:


Fully Detailed Background portrait is one with a background scene that fills every inch of the background, out to the edges of the painting.

A Fully Detailed Background portrait can have any number of individuals. It can be a human, dog, cat, horse, or any combination of those.

In a Fully Detailed Background portrait the background is custom designed to showcase the beauty of the figure.

Fine Art portrait of a man, woman, and Doberman dogs in their garden

Fully Detailed Background portrait can show the entire body, part of the body, or just the head and shoulders.

Fine Art portrait of a purebred red Doberman in a country setting

(Visit the HEAD STUDY page for more examples showing just the head and shoulders.)

Fine Art portrait of a Border Collie doing Agility
Fine Art portrait of dog in a forest scene with waterfall

Backgrounds can range from simple (not much detail) to very complex (lots of details). The more detail added to the background, the more labor-intensive the painting is to create. Fully Detailed Background portraits are divided into two price categories on the Price List: “Less complex” and “More complex”, depending on the amount of detail in the background.

Less complex

More complex

Fine Art portrait of a little girl having a tea party with her teddy bears in a garden

The background of a Fully Detailed Background portrait is custom designed around the figure.

It could be lines and forms created by Kevin to set off the beauty of your loved one....

Fine Art portrait of a purebred Doberman show dog with a mountain background

It could be a fantasy of yours...

Fine Art portrait of a Doberman angel in clouds

or a place from your imagination. 

It can include elements that are personally meaningful to you.

Fine Art portrait of a woman with tattoos, the goddess Athena, and tiger eyes



Below the gallery is a complete Price List.

Shown here are just a few of

the endless possibilities that can be created,

limited only by your dreams.


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these special places meant to their owners.


The Price List shows a variety of sizes. Other sizes are available. A portrait can be any size, or any shape (tall and thin for example). It doesn't have to be a standard size.

FULLY DETAILED BACKGROUND Pet portraits are priced less than FULLY DETAILED BACKGROUND Human portraits. For additional individuals in the same portrait (human or animal), add 50% per individual. For an additional human, add 50% of the Human portrait price, for a pet add 50% of the Pet price.

FULLY DETAILED BACKGROUND portraits are divided into two price categories: “Less complex” and “More complex” depending on the amount of detail in the background.


Price may be adjusted (less or more) for exceptionally simple or exceptionally complex backgrounds. 


The Price List shows the 5 portrait types. For more about each type, click the thumbnail to go to it's page.

Included in the price of a FULLY DETAILED BACKGROUND portrait:

  • Mounting and varnishing

  • Custom notecards

  • Professional packing service